French Press Coffee Mug Pattern

French Press Coffee Mug Pattern

Our company specializes in producing French press.A cylindrical pot with a plunger and built-in filter screen that presses hot water through ground coffee: that’s the simple beauty of the French press, method of choice for many the world over, creating an earthy, rich taste in the cup. 1....

Product Details

Our company specializes in producing French press.A cylindrical pot with a plunger and built-in filter screen that presses hot water through ground coffee: that’s the simple beauty of the French press, method of choice for many the world over, creating an earthy, rich taste in the cup.


1.Product Introduction of the French Press

The french coffee press is made by heat resistant borosilicate glass,resisting high temperature more than 200 degree.Advanced technics makes the products beautiful and practical and durable, strong.Eco-friendly, non-poisonous, all kinds styles.


2. Product Introduction of the French Press

Model NO.: 



Coffee Maker&Tea Maker


French Press

Processlng Material: 

Coffee Powder&Tea


Stainless Steel + Glass


One PC/Bag/White Box

Main Keyword:

French Press




1~10 Cups


Home Use,Commercial





HS Code:



3.Product Feature And Application of the French Press

French press pressure pot, glass and metal mesh is made of coffee cooking tools, when using put coffee powder and hot water in a in POTS, then with a strainer lid, press the handle to filter the coffee powder in the bottom of the coffee pot, then pour the coffee.In addition to coffee, the press can also be used in brewing tea and tea.

French press relatively speaking, hand washing coffee requires skill, water temperature, steaming time, water flushing mode, water flow size and so on.The American coffee machine is too mechanized, and the only thing that can be regulated is coffee powder.French press the pressure pot doesn't have to be too technical or manipulative, so make yourself a good cup of coffee.


4. Production Details of the French Press



5. Introduction of factory production and packaging





6.French Press Usage method



7.The understanding of brewing coffee.All the coffee is hot/ice water soaked in the coffee powder, and the separation of coffee, water and powder is extracted, and the different coffee brewing methods are required to be filtered and different in technique.(to be honest, the principle is the same as making tea)

French press: use the hot water and coffee powder before and after soaking in full, after filter to separate liquid powder, as a result of the filter aperture problem, method of pressure within the coffee there will be a very fine cannot filter coffee grounds, but this is normal.

Hand and coffee, also use hot water and coffee powder full immersion, through the filter paper, the extraction of drip coffee filter, filter paper filter ratio method the effect of pressure is good, so in general, extraction of coffee contains no coffee grounds.

Siphon: use air pressure to press the second half of the pot of hot water to half pot of hot water and coffee powder after a full soaking, half pot of air pressure, flow back to the second half of the pot of coffee, after extracting the middle after half a filter cloth at the bottom of the pot, gouache is a good way to separate, will also have a small number of very fine coffee grounds exist, belongs to the normal phenomenon.

Of the above three methods, the simple degree is the easiest, the hand is the second, the siphon is the most complicated.The above three methods are different for the thickness, water temperature and extraction time of coffee powder, which needs to be mastered in practice, and of course, relevant information can be found on the Internet.Generally speaking, the thickness of the coffee powder is inversely proportional to the extraction time, which means the smaller the powder, the shorter the extraction time.Water temperature is usually three to five minutes after boiling water.

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