Buy Glass Tea Pot

- Dec 07, 2018-

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How to buy a glass teapot?

1. High borosilicate glass is preferred:

The glass jug on the market has heat and heat resistance. The heat-resistant glass is generally used at a temperature of "-5 to 70 ° C", and the temperature-resistant glass can be used at a temperature of 400 to 500 degrees and can withstand an instantaneous temperature difference of "-30 to 160 ° C". As a tea making and tea making tool, high temperature and light borosilicate glass pots are preferred.

The borosilicate glass has a low expansion coefficient and does not burst when the instantaneous temperature difference suddenly changes. The high temperature resistance and acid resistance also make it difficult for the high borosilicate to release substances harmful to the human body in daily drinking water use.

The borosilicate glass tea set is much lighter in weight than the "green glass" containing a large amount of heavy metal ions, and looks different from the ordinary glass in appearance, and visually deviates from the hard and brittle feeling of "raw glass".

The high-quality borosilicate glass has a uniform thickness, is very transparent under the sunlight, has a good refractive effect, and has a crisp sound.

2, the glass is not as thick as possible:

Thick glass cups are suitable for cold food and drink, and hot drinking glasses are thinner than thick.

Because the thick glass is mechanical, the "annealing process" in the manufacturing process (allowing the temperature of the tea set to slowly drop naturally and completely eliminate the stress) is not as good as blowing a thin glass. The heat dissipation speed of thick glass is not as fast as that of thin glass. When the boiling water is poured in, the inside of the cup wall is heated and rapidly expanded, but the surface does not expand synchronously, so it ruptures. The thin glass is flushed into the boiling water, the heat is quickly spread, and the cup is evenly expanded and expanded, so it is not easy to burst.

High borosilicate glass is generally not very thick, because many tea sets can be heated by open flames. The glass is too thick and the insulation is too good, so it can not be well heated and heat-insulated.

However, anti-collision is also an important indicator. It can't be said that it can resist high temperature, no matter the impact resistance. The impact resistance of too thin glass is relatively weak. Therefore, the thickness of the heat-resistant glass tea set has been formulated through comprehensive professional considerations. It is not recommended to buy too thin or too thick.

Also, the elimination of the most prone to internal stress in each of the joint portions is also a common cause of burst. When purchasing, you should also pay attention to whether the joints of the handles and spouts are smooth and natural.