Cleaning method of teapot Filter Net

- Feb 03, 2018-

First, remove the Cha, first with lukewarm water plus 84 disinfectant and wash the pot soak three or four hours, with discarded old toothbrush wash it clean, these Cha may be useful to the collection, but to the tea is superfluous.

Second, remove the odor, the boiling water into the pot, from the spout quickly poured out, will be soaked in cold water pot, so repeated three, you can remove odor, restore the vitality of the kettle.

Third, sterilization, put into the tea after pouring into the pot of boiling water, into the microwave relay for a minute, you can sterilize, to note that from the microwave oven to take out the pot, you must use the old cloth mat to end, can not let water overflow pot, to avoid bursting, and then placed on board to let its natural cooling.