Food Grade Glass Container

- Feb 28, 2019-

Which kind of food is good for food grade glass container?

The quality of glass container can be based on national standards. Most of the glass bottles are used to hold foods and beverages. The requirements for glass container of such foods are not only general indicators such as appearance quality, but also the thermal stability and chemical stability of the products. Because the food glass bottles are to be autoclaved before filling, it is emphasized that these products have high thermal stability. For the preservation of pickles, fermented milk and other products, in order to ensure the quality, the glass bottles are required to have reliable chemical stability.

Various materials for preparing glass batch materials are collectively referred to as raw materials for glass. It is composed of 7-12 kinds, and there are 4-6 kinds of main materials, such as quartz sand, limestone, feldspar, soda ash, boric acid, lead compound, antimony compound, etc. According to the role of the introduced oxide in the glass structure, it can be divided. The raw material for forming an oxide of glass, the raw material of the intermediate oxide, and the raw material of the network external oxide can be classified into a raw material of an acidic oxide and a raw material of an alkali metal oxide according to the nature of the introduced oxide. The batch material is the raw material for obtaining certain essential properties of the glass and accelerating the melting process. Although the dosage is small, the effect is very important. These excipients are divided into clarifying agents, fluxing agents, coloring agents, decolorizing agents, opacifiers, oxidizing agents. , reducing agents, etc.

The same raw materials with different formulations, the same raw materials with different origins and different relevant index content will affect product quality and production costs. In the case of a small disparity in the cost of raw materials, it is difficult to make a significant difference in the comparison of the glass bottles produced, and the difference can only be seen in mass production.

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