French Press Filter

- Aug 13, 2018-

Plastic Base Gold Spray French Press

French press filter selection tips: The quality of the filter press depends largely on the quality of the filter. The choice of springs is extremely important for the filtration of coffee powder, which will directly respond to the taste of the coffee.

The french press filter is usually called a tea maker, so can the french filter press really only be used for tea? The answer is totally negative! In fact, if you want to choose the most practical coffee starter, the french press filter can not be monopolized, but it will be among the top three. Its controllability to time and the convenience of observation are unmatched by other brewing appliances.

The most easy to control the french filter press is the time. The same conditions of beans, grinding, water temperature have different effects. Generally speaking, the longer the taste, the more intense the taste, but the bitterness, the astringency and the odor are prone to occur. Observe the condition of the beans, because the french pressure is the most easy to concentrate on the condition of the beans. You can look at the amount of foam after the coffee is in contact with the water, and the fact that the coffee is suspended in the water and slowly sinking. Observing these phenomena, in addition to knowing more about the beans, you can have a deeper understanding of other equipment.

Of course, the french pressure is not perfect. The problem that the metal filter cannot completely filter the fine powder is one. Therefore, there is a view that the french pressure needs coarse grinding. It is true that the coarse grinding can reduce the content of the fine powder to some extent. . But the cost of doing this is that the particles become thicker and a lot of content cannot be extracted. Accordingly, there is a need to increase the extraction time to increase the extraction rate. However, the effective extraction temperature range of each bean is very narrow, and the french pressure without heat preservation function is effective extraction only for several tens of seconds. At the same time, because the fine powder could not be completely eliminated, after a few minutes of soaking, they were thoroughly extracted, bitter, astringent, and odors poured out, so a cup of coffee that could only be used to entertain the sink was born.

If you don't like the leaking fine powder from the french filter press, you can filter it with filter paper after the coffee is washed.