Glass Teapot Benefits

- Sep 10, 2018-

Glass Borosilicate Tea Pot

In modern times, glassware has a larger development. The glass is transparent and shiny. The shape is plastic and has various shapes and uses.

Tea in a glass teapot, the bright color of the tea soup, the tenderness and softness of the tea leaves, the tea leaves moving up and down throughout the brewing process, the gradual stretching of the leaves, etc., can be seen at a glance, which can be said to be a dynamic art appreciation. Especially brewing all kinds of famous teas, the teapots are crystal clear, the cups are light and foggy, clear green, buds are blossoming, slim, and the view is pleasing to the eye, not to be funny. Moreover, glass teapots are cheap and good, and are well received by consumers. The disadvantage of glass teapots are that they are easily broken and hotter than ceramics. However, there is also a specially processed tempered glass product that is not easily broken and is usually used on trains and restaurants.