Glass Teapot Definition

- Oct 12, 2018-

Stainless Steel Filter Net Tea Pot

The glass teapot is divided into a common glass teapot and a heat-resistant glass teapot. Ordinary glass teapot, fine and beautiful, the material is ordinary glass, heat resistance is 100 °C-120 °C. Heat-resistant glass teapot, made of borosilicate glass material, is usually blown by hand, and the yield is low, and the price is more expensive than ordinary glass.

Generally, it can be cooked directly, and the temperature is generally around 150 °C. It is suitable for direct boiling of beverages and foods such as black tea, coffee, milk, etc. It is also suitable for brewing various green teas and flower teas in boiling water.

The glass teapot generally consists of a body, a lid, and a filter. The body of the kettle is composed of a main body, a handle, and a spout, a handle, and a spout. Generally, the glass teapot has a filter screen for filtering the tea chips.

The body of the glass teapot is made of glass. Currently, most of the market is made of such heat-resistant glass material, and the filter and the lid are made of heat-resistant glass or stainless steel, whether it is high borosilicate. Glass, or stainless steel, is a food-grade green material that consumers can safely drink.