How french press works?

- Jul 20, 2018-

Gold Flat Handle French Press

Any single item is suitable for french press

1. The principle of french press: Use soaking method, through water and coffee powder contact, soaking method to release the essence of coffee.

Applicable coffee: Coffee powder with both strong and weak taste. Abrasion: Coarse-grained.

Step: 1. Heat the french press and coffee cup with hot water.

2. Pull out the filter press of the french press. Pour out the water from the filter press and put 15 to 20 grams into the pot

Coffee powder.

3. The french press is placed at an angle of 45 degrees, and 200ml or 95 degrees of hot water is slowly poured in.

4. Mix the coffee powder with the bamboo stick to float the coffee oil on the top layer.

5. Put on the filter set and press gently to the bottom, then pour the coffee into the warm coffee cup in the can!

Tip for choosing french press: The quality of filter element depends on the quality of filter element. It is very important to select the one with springs to filter coffee powder.