How to use a kettle to make good coffee?

- Feb 03, 2018-

There are a lot of people who are questioning whether the coffee produced by the pot is not in line with the standard of fine coffee? Let's share it with the "Golden Cup" principle of production.

1, the coarse ground coffee powder into the clean method of pressure pot;

2, according to the component of 16 times times or 18 times times the injection of 92 degrees of water;

3, water after mixing, so that the coffee powder and water fully integrated, timing 4 minutes, the entire process of pressure filter screen as to the top of the pot, the screen does not touch coffee powder;

4, four minutes after the slow steady and stable filter from the pressure of the pot to push the end can.

The method of making coffee is a method that is only one step more than instant, if the recommended parameters are made, then the extracted coffee is in line with the fine coffee cup extraction principle, if you make coffee is coe85 more than the origin of the fine coffee, then you use such a simple way to make coffee, is a veritable boutique coffee, the whole process is very simple.