How use french press?

- Jul 03, 2018-

Green Coffee Style French Press

Key points of brewing in french press:

1. The coffee beans need to be ground in a medium thickness, or the coffee grounds will pass through the filter hole, giving the coffee a cloudy taste. And too fine powder can lead to excessive extraction, taste bitter. Therefore, a set of good french press, filter screen is crucial.

2. The temperature of the water in a 85-90 ℃ or so the most appropriate, the proportion of water and powder for = about 15:1. Light roasted coffee beans can be appropriately high water temperature, deep roasted coffee beans can be appropriately lowered.

3. The process of pressing should be slow, one pressure to the end, do not press repeatedly. Otherwise, coffee grounds can easily pass through the filter and affect the taste.

4. Under the same conditions, generally speaking, the longer the extraction time is, the more intense the taste will be. However, bitter, astringent and mixed flavor will also appear easily. The extraction time can also be relatively regulated for coffee beans with different roasting degree. Deep-roasted coffee beans are best roasted for a shorter time, which gives them a great flavor and sweetness. Lightly roasted beans take longer to extract the acid and aroma of coffee beans.

5. When choosing a french press, besides should notice the fine and dense degree of the filter net, the quality of the pot body material is also very important. The pot body with poor materials may break during cleaning and use, and also affect the appearance.