Maintenance of the use of a new teapot

- Feb 03, 2018-

In the maintenance process, do not be too impatient, do not go with a fine emery particle polishing cloth and other materials wipe, so easy to hurt and the surface, leaving scratches, thereby destroying the purple texture, the better method is to use coarse cotton cloth wipe, cleaning with nylon brush. Do not be too hard lest accidentally poke bad teapot, soak the teapot to the heart, the tea should have the correct gesture, preferably with the forefinger gently press the lid along, once the "fall cap" consequences can be "envisaged."

Usually tea, you can wipe with a clean towel, do not leave tea in the pot face, so that over time the pot will be piled full of Cha, wipe will have floating light, this is more taboo players. A good pot, should be "dim" color, this luster should be "introverted."

After tea, the teapot is best not to leave tea, dumping wash. Although the purple pot does have the characteristics of the overnight, but the tea overnight, there will be Chen Tangwei, in terms of health, purple pot After all is not a "safe", and tea bubble placed after 10 hours after drinking is not good for the body.