Modern Glass Teapot

- Sep 21, 2018-

Teapot Kettle With Warmer

In modern times, with the rise of the glass industry, glass tea pots are booming. This is because the glass is transparent, shiny and eye-catching, and the plasticity is large. Therefore, the tea sets made of it have different shapes, wide applications, and low prices. Convenient, and praised by tea people. Among the many glass tea pots, the most common glass tea tops are used to make tea, the color of the tea soup, the color of the tea, and the movement of the tea during the brewing process, so that it is used to brew all kinds of tenderness. Famous tea, the most rewarding value, home hospitality, is a good tea drinking utensil. But the glass cup is crispy and fragile, and it is more than a ceramic. Modern glass tea pots have been greatly developed. The glass texture is transparent, the luster is dazzling, the shape is plastic, the shape is different, and the application is wide.