The advantages and disadvantages of glass tea

- Feb 03, 2018-

Glass, the ancients known as coloured glaze, colorless transparent or tinted translucent, glass tea sets brightly colored, shiny, China's glass production started earlier, but until the Tang Dynasty, with the frequent cultural exchanges between the West, the western glass appliances continue to be introduced, China began to burn pits glass tea, Shaanxi Fufeng Temple Palace unearthed from the Xizong worship of the vegetarian surface circle full of pale yellow glass tea and saucer is the rare thing.

Modern glass tea ware of pure texture, shiny, with glass tea set tea, tea tea color bright, delicate and soft, the whole brewing process of tea dancing, leaf gradually stretched, all clearly displayed in front of us, especially brewing green tea, crystal penis clear glass utensils in the light mist ectoplasms, tea clarifying green, bud leaves blossoming, Slim, Beautiful.

Glass Tea Set the shortcomings are also obvious, is easy to break, heat transfer fast, easy to hot.