The history of tea sets

- May 20, 2019-

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The "tea set" that modern people refer to mainly refers to teapots such as teapots, teacups, and teaspoons. The tea sets listed in the Tang Dynasty writer Pi Rixiu's "Tea Sets Ten" are "tea docks, tea people, tea bamboo shoots, tea pots, tea houses, tea stoves, tea roasts, tea tripods, tea pots, boiled tea." "The "tea dock" refers to the depression of the tea. "Tea people" should not be included in the apparatus according to modern wisdom.

Tea set, also known as tea or pottery in ancient times. According to the Western Han Dynasty's lyrics, Wang Biao's "Children's Covenant" has the saying that "the tea is perfect, and the 酺 has been built." This is the earliest reference to the "tea set" in China. In the Tang Dynasty, the word "tea set" was first in the Tang Dynasty. It can be seen, such as the Tang poet Lu Guimeng "Lingling General Record" said: "Customers are not limited to the number, the competition is holding the tea." Bai Juyi "After Sleeping Tea Xingyi Yang Tongzhou Poetry" "This disposal rope bed, next to the tea washer. "The Tang Dynasty writer Pi Rixiu's "Yi Jia Lin Ting Poetry" has the language of "Xiao Shu Gui Ying Shi Tea Set". In the Song, Yuan and Ming dynasties, the word "tea set" can be seen in various books, such as " "History of Song Dynasty" contains: "The Emperor's Royal Purple Lamentation Hall, the Sixth Senate's Living North Ambassador... is the name of the Japanese teapot"

The scope of the tea set The Emperor of the Song Dynasty used the "tea maker" as a gift. It can be seen that the "tea set" of the Song Dynasty was very expensive. The painter of the Northern Song Dynasty had the verse of "only the tea set was fascinating." The Southern Song Dynasty poet Weng Juan wrote the famous phrase "Axis Huang Ting does not hate, poetry tea every carry." Yuan painter Wang Wei "Blow Xiao out of the gorge poem" has "the hip flask tea set on the boat." The painter of Zhong Si Jie was responsible for the drink of the friends on the night of the night. He wrote: "The tea set is still set up, and the song pot wakes up." It is not difficult to see that whether it is the Tang and Song poets or Yuan Ming Painters, they can often read the "tea set" verses. Explain that tea set is an inseparable part of tea culture.

Tea utensils according to their narrow scope refer to tea cups, teapots, tea bowls, tea pots, saucers, tea trays and other tea utensils. China's tea sets, a wide variety, beautiful shape, in addition to practical value, but also a high artistic value, it is well-known at home and abroad, for the tea lovers of all ages.