There are several conditions for using coffee powder in a calender

- May 13, 2019-

Green Coffee Style French Press.jpg

There are some conditions for using coffee powder in the pressure pot. Of course, you can also extract ordinary coffee powder, but in order to be delicious, you must meet two conditions.

Fresh coffee beans are essential!

The main feature of the pressure pot is that the flavor of the coffee beans is extracted "as is". Therefore, although fresh coffee beans are delicious, the use of poorly-colored beans directly extracts spoiled flavors.

You need to prepare as fresh coffee beans as possible, so be careful.

Prepare coarse ground coffee powder

The mesh screen is an iron mesh. It is rougher than a paper filter and passes through a filter with a thin coffee powder. For this reason, the press pot grinding usually uses coarse ground coffee grounds.

Most of the coffee powder sold in supermarkets is basically medium and medium mill. Therefore, you should buy coffee beans and grind them at home.