Use of a French coffee maker

- Apr 22, 2019-

Blue Coffee Style French Press.jpg

Automatic coffee machines may be convenient and fast, but the French coffee machine is undoubtedly unmatched in terms of concentration and flavor. By mixing coffee and water, it produces a thicker, thicker, more fragrant coffee because it retains the essential oils and deposits that are filtered out by a typical drip coffee machine. If you already have a pleasing French coffee machine in your cupboard, take it out and wash it, follow the simple steps below to make a new cup of coffee!

Choose the right coffee beans. There are dozens of varieties in local coffee shops and supermarkets, and it seems difficult to find the perfect coffee beans. Fortunately, there are several standards that can help you choose the best beans based on your personal preferences.

If you want to drink coffee with a high caffeine content, choose a lightly baked one. Contrary to popular belief, the darker color of roasted coffee beans does not increase the caffeine content, but decreases. The darker the coffee beans, the longer they are baked, and the more natural caffeine is destroyed. Therefore, to help stay awake, you should find a lightly roasted coffee bean.

Decide how much flavor you want. Although there is a difference in each type of baking, in particular, carbon-baked coffee beans are known for their concentration and flavor. Lightly roasted coffee has less bitter taste and a sweet aftertaste. If you are a newcomer to coffee and don't like the taste of roasted coffee beans, you can choose to bake lightly. If you are a coffee connoisseur with many years of experience, then light baking or deep carbon roasting is a good choice.

Make sure your coffee beans are coarsely ground. Unlike espresso or drip coffee makers that require finely ground coffee beans, you need larger sized coffee beans. This means that instead of being as compact as a powder, it is worse than sand.

Always use fresh coffee beans. No matter what method you use to make coffee, it is important to use fresh beans. Old, expired coffee beans lose their original flavor and give the coffee a bad taste. Buy coffee beans every two weeks (each drink for two weeks), brew immediately after grinding the coffee beans.

Buy a French coffee machine. The French coffee machine consists of a large glass cylinder with handle and a lid with a filter. You can place the ground coffee on the bottom, the filter on top, and add hot water.

Although some people complain that French coffee has a lot of coffee left in the coffee, it is actually more related to the grinding of coffee. If it is too thin or irregular in size, it will pass through the filter into your hot water.

The French coffee machine is also called a coffee maker.

Use a better grinder. A good coffee bean grinder is just as important as a French coffee machine. Use a tapered burr grinder instead of saving money. The grinder is designed to break down coffee beans into particles of the right size to highlight the true flavor of the coffee.

Prepare other materials. You need hot boiling water to make coffee and pour it into the cup. Otherwise, the rest of the things are your responsibility. Add whatever sweetener you like, whether it's sugar cubes, honey, caramel or half chocolate half cream. Or you can come directly to a cup of pure black coffee with a strong taste and endless aftertaste!