What is a coffee maker?

- Mar 18, 2019-

Black Coffee Style French Press.jpg

People applied electronic technology to the coffee machine to realize automatic control of the whole process of brewing coffee such as milling, powder compaction, powder filling, brewing, and removal of residue, and created a coffee machine.

At the beginning of the 20th century, an "acute sub-engineer" living near Napoli, Italy, was impatient with the dripping time of brewing coffee, so he waited for a way to cook a high-temperature, high-pressure method. Coffee to shorten the time, so invented the Italian coffee fast conditioning, Espresso also began to popular.

Step / Method Select coffee powder. In fact, coffee beans are also OK, you have to grind yourself. There are coffees of all tastes, vanilla flavors, and the weight of the flavors in five grades, from MILD to DARK.

With filter paper, there are bamboo, and there are ordinary ones. Spread the filter paper into a funnel shape and put a few spoonfuls of coffee powder into the filter paper according to your taste (generally, there will be some coffee packaging). The benefits of filter paper are large, not only filtering the slag, but also increasing the time it takes for the water to flow through the coffee powder, making the coffee fragrant and easy to clean.

Put the coffee filter paper into the filter basket like this, it is in the filter paper, try to put it right.

Pour all the water from the coffee maker into the water reservoir behind the coffee machine. The scale in the reservoir should match the scale of the coffee maker.

Cover the top cover, place the coffee maker in this way, and open the switch.

Start drinking coffee, you can do other things.