What is a teapot?

- Mar 25, 2019-

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Teapot is a mouth-washing utensil for tea and tea. It is a kind of tea set, mainly used to make tea. The teapot consists of a pot lid, a pot body, a pot bottom, and a ring foot. The pot lid has a hole, a button, a seat, a cover and the like. The body of the kettle has mouth, extension (lip wall), mouth, flow, belly, shoulder, handle (handle, wrench) and other parts. Due to the nuances of the pot, the lid, the bottom, and the shape of the pot, there are 200 basic forms of the teapot. When making tea, the size of the teapot depends on the number of people drinking tea. The texture of the teapot is very large, and the clay pot or porcelain teapot is currently used more. Related classics: "A fame is only for you, and you are full of tea."

Choose a teapot, the standard of good or bad is four-character 诀, 曰: "small, shallow, Qi, old." Teapot has two people, three cans, four cans and so on. It is the most cherished by Mengchen, Tiehuaxuan, Qiuqiu, Zunyi, Xiaoshan, Yuan Xisheng and so on. There are many styles of pots, such as oranges, large like mandarin oranges, but also melon-shaped, persimmon-shaped, rhombus-shaped, drum-shaped, plum-shaped, hexagonal, chestnut-shaped, etc., generally use drum-shaped, take the end of the thick Therefore, too. There are also many colors of pots, such as cinnabar, ancient iron, maroon, purple mud, stone yellow, azure, etc. There is also a kind of silver flickering in the body, and the Zhu is very tired. It is the most precious. . However, regardless of the style and color, the most important thing is that "it should not be too big, should not be too deep", because it is not "working". Therefore, using a large teapot, a medium teapot, a tea drum, a tea sieve, a tea stall, etc., even if it is a tea with one hundred yuan or two, it cannot be regarded as a time tea. As for the depth, it is related to the smell, the light can brew, the fragrance can be left, and the water is not stored, so that the tea is not easy to change. In addition to large, small, deep and shallow, the most important thing about teapots is: "Sanshan Qi", which is the most important criterion for evaluating the quality of pots. The solution is: cover the teapot and cover it on the table (preferably on a very flat glass). If the drip nozzle, the mouth of the pot, and the handle of the pot are all flat, it is "three mountains". This is related to the level and quality of the pot, so the most particular. "Old" mainly depends on the amount of "tea residue" accumulated in the pot, which has already been said before. Of course, there are still a lot of attention to the word "old", such as what dynasty produced, how old history, what a master made, what a famous designer has, and so on. But that is not the problem with ordinary teapots, but the problem of playing antiques.