What is food grade container?

- Jun 11, 2018-


Food must be packaged during processing, transportation, storage, sales, and consumer use. Food grade container usually refer to packaging containers that are in direct contact with food.

Foods packaged using packaging containers or packaging materials are called packaged foods. The role of food packaging is many, the primary purpose is to preserve food, protect food from outside physical, chemical and microbiological influences, maintain food quality, and extend the shelf life of food. The adoption of sealed packaging containers enables food processing, storage, transportation and sales to be carried out in an industrialized manner, so that scattered food processing and techniques develop into food engineering and industry. Food grade container typically include food packaging materials, food packaging machinery, and food packaging technologies. Food packaging containers first involve food packaging materials, but are closely related to packaging machinery and packaging technology. The main properties of food packaging materials are: Isolation against oxygen, moisture and microorganisms, resistance to food corrosion, compliance with safety and health regulations, etc. Food grade containers should generally have a certain strength, reliable sealing, good appearance, suitable for food filling machinery production, consumer convenience and so on.