What is tea pots?

- Aug 31, 2018-

Teapot Kettle With Warmer

Tea pot is a mouth-washing utensil for tea and tea. It is a kind of tea set, mainly used to make tea. The tea pots consist of a pot lid, a pot body, a pot bottom, and a ring foot. The pot lid has a hole, a button, a seat, a cover and the like. The body of the kettle has a mouth, a stretch (lip wall), a mouth, a stream, a belly, a shoulder, a handle (handle, a wrench) and the like. Due to the nuances of the pot, the lid, the bottom, and the shape of the pot, there are 200 basic forms of the tea pots. When making tea, the size of the tea pot depends on the number of people drinking tea. The texture of the tea pots are very large, and the most used ones are purple clay pots or porcelain tea pots.