What is the best glass teapot?

- Feb 21, 2019-

Electromagnetic Oven Heat Resistant Glass Tea Pot

How to choose a suitable glass teapot?

1. Material selection

The glass teapot looks for two kinds, one is a soda-lime glass teapot, and the other is a Gaopeng silica glass teapot. Soda lime glass silicon is mainly composed of silica, calcium oxide and sodium oxide. Such as commonly used flat glass, bottles, cans, etc., soda-lime glass teapot material is relatively thick, not resistant to hot and cold, only suitable for cold water cup pot, not suitable for hot water tea, his most intuitive feature is thick and strong, but Alternating heat and cold will crack.

The borosilicate glass is due to its chemical composition containing boron, which makes it have a very low coefficient of thermal expansion. When it encounters cold and heat changes, it does not substantially expand or contract, naturally, it will not break due to uneven expansion or contraction. it is a popular tea making tool on the market. It is currently in a high-speed development period, and its products are also changing from mass-marketing to exquisite, simple, and design trends. Product categories range from brewing cup pots to heating pots. , disinfection pots and so on cover every corner of the living home.

2. Process and design

Due to the special nature of the borosilicate glass tea set, it is mostly hand blown. A good glassware must have a perfect shape, a practical function, and a high degree of safety. Regarding the design of the product, I still prefer the special tea container. Women's herbal tea is recommended to use a glass teapot with a capacity of more than 400ml. Kungfu tea is recommended to use a glass teapot with a capacity of 200ml-300ml. The glass teapot with mouth is more convenient to use than the mouthless.