Where did french press come from?

- Jun 19, 2018-

spray color french press

There is a lot of different opinions in the market. Today we talk about one of its development history.

The appearance of the frech press, also known as french press, originated in france in 1850 from a heat-resistant glass bottle (or clear plastic) and a metal strainer with a pressure bar to make a simple brewing device. Originally used for brewing black tea, it is also known as a tea maker.

In march 1852, a horsepower craftsman and a businessman jointly obtained a patent entitled “piston filter coffee device”. The patent describes a metal can attached to an activity bar with a hole at the bottom and a layer of flannel on each side. After manually pulling the lever, the lever moves in a cylindrical container. “press the lever to the end,” The inventor wrote. “the filtered coffee stays on top of the lever and is refreshed.” But after the late 20s, when a milan company registered a modified version of the french press, the pot of pressure cookers is gradually becoming known. This company gradually improved the design of the french press pot within a few years after the registration of the patent. In 1935, they introduced a well-established method-pressure kettle - a spring mounted on the disc-shaped structure at the bottom of the piston to keep the disc flush with the bottom of the container. However, in the early 1980s, some americans learned how to use french press kettles and called them cafetière. Others called it french piston type. Coffee machine". In 1993, florence fabricant introduced the readers to the "Press of the french" In the "The new york times". The press pot described above is the favorite coffee connoisseur.