History of French Press

- Jul 12, 2018-

Plastic Handle Flat Cover French Press

The french press is called the french press. Its main features are convenient operation, multi-purpose and easy to carry. It is very convenient to travel and put in the office. It is suitable for novice coffee lovers with low technical requirements and real coffee flavor. The french pressure vessel first appeared in france in 1850. It originated from a kind of simple foam device consisting of a heat-resistant glass bottle body (or transparent plastic) and a metal filter with a pressure bar. It was originally used for brewing black tea, so it was also called a tea processor. In march 1852, a horse-power metalworker and a businessman jointly obtained a patent for the piston filter coffee device. The patent describes a metal can connected to a movable rod with holes in the bottom and a layer of flannel between the top and bottom. After pulling the lever manually, the lever moves in a cylindrical container. "Press the bar to the bottom," The inventor wrote. It wasn't until the late 1920s, when a milan company registered a patent for a modified version of the pressure cooker, that it became known. The company perfected the design of the pressure cooker in the years after it registered its patent. In 1935 they introduced the perfect pressure chamber, a disc with a spring attached to the bottom of the piston to keep the disc level with the bottom of the container. But method pressure pot is popular in the united states took some kung fu, in the early 80 s, some american people learn the english people to use pressure pot, said it as a cafetiere, others is called "The french piston type coffee machine". In 1993, florence fabricant introduced the "French press" To readers in the new york times, stating that the press was a favorite of coffee connoisseurs.