How To Choose French Press?

- May 30, 2018-


French press pot selection tips: Press pot filter depends on the quality of the filter is good or bad, the choice of a spring, and the coffee filter is extremely important, will directly affect the taste of coffee.

French press pots are often referred to as tea pots. Can press pot actually only serve tea? The answer is totally negated! In fact, if you want to choose the most practical coffee entry appliance, although press cannot be the first thing, it must be among the top three. Its easy control of time, as well as the convenience of observation, is unmatched by other brewing appliances.

The most easy way to control press pot is time, and the same conditions of beans, grinding, and water temperature have different effects. In general, the longer the time is, the richer the taste is, but the bitterness, astringency, and taste are prone to occur. However, when the five major causes of coffee change, the control time will have unexpected results. For example, deep-baked beans will have a good aroma and sweetness if they control the time short, and light-baked beans will need a little more time to extract. Acidity and aroma can be expressed.

Observe the condition of the beans, because the french press is the easiest device to focus on and realize the condition of beans in many devices. You can look at the amount of foam that the coffee is exposed to when it comes into contact with water, and the fact that the coffee is suspended on the water and slowly sinks. Observe that these phenomena not only provide a better understanding of the beans, but also a deeper understanding of other materials.

If you don't like the leakage of fine powder from a french press kettle, you can use filter paper after the coffee is washed.