Is It Safe For Glass Containers To Hold Food?

- Feb 03, 2018-

Anyone who really wants to taste the pure natural flavor thinks it is best to use glassware to hold food, people worry about its fragile, and the glass container is the safest and most fashionable for the food.

In developed countries, the per capita consumption of glass products per year for 50~60 kg, and our country per capita not even 5 kg, in these countries, glass bottles are very popular, because of safety, fresh, so the price is higher than cans to drink, which is the opposite of our country.

The use of glass containers for liquid seasoning is also a good choice, glass because of its stable quality will not be with oil, vinegar and other spices chemical reaction to produce harmful substances affecting people's health.

It is also a good choice to use glass containers for cold dishes and fruit salad. and a wide range of glass, as food containers, it is best to choose colorless transparent glass products.