Several Points Of Choosing Glass Storage Tank

- Feb 03, 2018-

1, look at the size. Storage tanks and large and small sizes of products, we have to choose the right size according to the actual use, glass bottles in general, small storage tanks for the kitchen to store a variety of materials, while the large storage tank for the living room and storage room to store some bulky things.

2. Look at the sealing nature. In general, you store seasonings and ingredients for high sealing requirements, to avoid dampness cause things to deteriorate, while some things are not high sealing requirements, such as with independent packaging candy cookies, lid with plastic lid, glass bottle tinplate lid, stainless steel lid.

3, we should carefully check the quality of storage tanks when buying. First, the storage tank body should be complete, can not be broken, broken holes, can not smell in the jar, and then check whether the lid can be sealed tightly.