The History Of The Coffee Pot

- Feb 03, 2018-

The coffee pot, one of the earliest inventions in Europe, was introduced in France in 1685 and was widely circulated throughout the 15 period of Louis, but it was a glass water bottle with a heated sheet of metal, which was heated by an alcoholic lamp.

In the 1763, French Dayton Madan invented the crushed coffee beans into a flannel pocket, hanging in the pot, injected with hot water, so that the bag of coffee and hot water for a long time, resulting in different forms of cooking, greatly improve the aroma of coffee.

The Archbishop of Paris, in 1800, invented a pot-type coffee heater divided into two sections designed to keep the coffee fragrance from overflowing, which is the originator of today's drip-type coffee pot.

1840, British marine engineer Naber invented the siphon coffee heater, which is based on the water boiling, the coffee powder container in the pressure down, and then automatically sucked into the coffee in the truth and designed, and this is the Belgian Royal Coffee pot predecessor.